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We give you the opportunity to sell your firm, continue running the business on your own terms, and become an owner-partner with us at the group level


Becoming a part of Ametalis


The entrepreneur is central to the company's development. That's why we want the entrepreneur to retain full  operational responsibility, the company's unique culture, and its local, strong brand​


We provide access to an extensive business network where your company continues to evolve through group synergies, knowledge transfer, and scale advantages within the group.

Strategic support

We provide group companies with active support in strategic and operational decisions

Sustainable growth

We are a long term partner and prioritize sustainable growth and stability

Sustainable brand

By being a part of the Nordics leading sustainability consulting group, companies in Ametalis receive a clear sustainability brand and image on the market

Selling to Ametalis

We offer a swift and clear process when evaluating a potential fit between your company and Ametalis

First contact

During the first unconditional meetings we will present Ametalis and hope to learn more about your business

In-depth discussions

In the case there's mutual interest, a dialogue will continue with more in depth discussion surrounding historical development and future plans

Define a common plan

Dialogues become more pin pointed. Together, we build a common plan for the future


After reaching consensus regarding future plans, the acquisition is completed and we become partners

We value the following characteristics in companies wishing to join our group:

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We’d gladly take an unconditional introductory meeting to tell you more about oss and/or answer any questions