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Sustainability principles

Responsible investments

Ametalis is a Nordic group of companies that offer various consultative expert services, clearly contributing to a more sustainable business environment and, consequently, the future. Long-term sustainability is at the core of all investments made by the group. We believe that a responsible and proactive approach to sustainability positively impacts society at large. We expect the entire Ametalis group to be dedicated to this sustainability effort.

Our ESG principles

Our ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles have been formalized into six principles that we strive to achieve and uphold. We continuously develop our principles as the Ametalis group grows.

Principle 1

ESG criteria are incorporated into the analysis and decision-making processes for all investments, including:

Principle 2

Fostering and spreading of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment and compliance with these principles by:

Principle 3

Informing our other stakeholders about the group’s ESG policy and regularly providing them with information about our approach in these matters through:

Principle 4

Adopting a responsible and ethical approach to corporate governance, including:

Principle 5

Reducing the environmental impact of our operations through:

Principle 6

Working with an employee handbook that values and respects all employees, including: