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Ametalis operationalizes sustainability

We do this through the expert services our companies provide their customers every day

Sustainability according to Ametalis

Only businesses with adequate consideration of environmental issues will survive in the long run

  • Increase energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption
  • Mitigate climate change and decrease carbon footprint
  • Reduce and reuse waste
  • Protect biodiversity

Only businesses that take social issues such as HSE into account will be able to attract the right skills over time to be resilient

  • Compliance with human rights
  • Sustainable business relationships throughout the value chain
  • Social responsibility towards society and employees
  • Healthy and safe working environment

A robust corporate governance is a prerequesite for sustainable and resilient businesses

  • Professional corporate governance
  • Methodical risk management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Application of ethical business practices
  • Integrity and transparency in reporting and communication

We believe sustainability and commercial and financial success go hand in hand

Select global challenges

Examples of key issues Ametalis will address

Example mitigating segments

Relevant market segments

Our approach

  • We base our approach from the international frameworks EU taxonomy and the UNSDGs when analyzing market segments with improvement potential within sustainability related issues
  • Group companies’ services to their customers address, in turn, these key issues within critical business processes, from board and management level to the daily operations in the firm.
  • This is how we ensure the group actively contributes to a more sustainable business

The 17 UNSDGs effectively map out key areas of improvement on the global stage

EU taxonomy

In addition to the global goals, we stay updated on the EU taxonomy and consider its implications.

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